What's in a guitar strap?

What’s in a guitar strap?

As anyone that’s ever picked up a guitar will probably tell you, it’s 10% about the music and 90% about looking cool. Rockstars work hard on perfecting their look, which with a lot of stars, rarely changes over time. Everything is considered, the hair, the clothes, the accessories, even the stance or way they move. Hopefully it’s a new hat, but…

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Plain Brown Oiled Bridle Leather Belt

Is handmade really better?

Hey folks! We here at Belts N Things pride ourselves on the quality of our individually hand made leather belts so today, I thought I’d write a short blog commenting on this. Some people may wonder whether a handmade belt is really all that worth it, can it be that much different? Well the answer for me is of course,…

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The History of Belts

What do Barrack Obama, Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, Winston Churchill, Oprah Winfrey, David Beckham and The Queen have in common? That’s right… they’ve all worn belts! Ok, so that might sound a bit daft, but it’s true; we all need and wear belts, they are one of life’s oft-under appreciated necessities. Whether it’s function or fashion, everyone needs at least…

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Welcome to our new blog

Hi there folks! Welcome to the all new, Belts N Things blog! At Belts N Things, we’re passionate about belts and buckles. Our belts are handmade and crafted with care; definitely built to last! With that in mind, we hope to bring you some interesting blogs about the belt making process, funny stories, history, world news and whatever really strikes…

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