Give the gift of a belt this Christmas!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, Christmas shopping can just be more stress and hassle that it’s worth. Grandma wants hand cream but nothing from such and such a shop and definitely nothing with a fruity scent; mother doesn’t want anything but hey… you can’t get your mum nothing! You wouldn’t normally get Uncle John anything but wait, he got you that driving experience last year so you’d better get him something. You had that perfect idea for Dad, but then realised he’d bought it himself, because Dad’s do that, don’t they? You get the picture, Christmas shopping can be tough; we all need an answer to the one question that comes up every year: what do you buy the person who has everything?


How about a belt?


Well, yes, I am slightly biased, but there’s not many gifts that you can buy for under £20-£30 that someone will use most days of their lives, which will then last for many many years to come. When you look at it like that, a belt is indeed an amazing present, and incredible value!


At Belts-n-Things, we have a range of belts to suit everyone. Have a look at some of the range below!


Ladies Belts

We have a great range of fashion belts, designer label belts and various elasticated belts available. My pick for this Christmas is this Ladies Two Tone Crock Leather Belt. The main belt has a fantastic mottled tortoise effect which I think looks great. I’m told by a reliable source that it would pair well with a variety of outfits as well… Take a look!

Ladies Two Tone Crock Leather Belt


Handmade Belts to Last

As mentioned above, a proper handmade belt is built to last. I once read a story of a chap in America whose truck was stolen, which had a bag of belonging in the back. In the bag, was his beloved belt. Long story short, the bag was thrown in a swamp, and was later miraculously found and recovered. The other goods were a write-off, but the handmade leather belt survived 9 months in the swamp. Swamps aside, belts can last 10, 20, who knows… 30 years or more!

For something simple, and lasting, try this Plain Brown Oiled Bridle Leather Belt. 

Plain Brown Oiled Bridle Leather Belt


Something to Stand Out With

This Christmas, maybe you’ve got someone to buy for who likes to stand out a little. They like to summon the spirits of the punk era, or maybe they just like to be a little different to the ‘norm’. Well, this 2 Row Red Pyramid Belt has your back…


2 Row Red Pyramid Belt


A Belt with a little extra ‘give’ 

Too many Mince Pies? Well, for the waistlines requiring a slightly bigger belt, again, we’ve got you covered. This Extra Large Trouser Belt will make sure your trousers stay up, even if you do burn off a few Christmas pounds in the January Gym sessions.

Trouser Belt Extra large


So there’s just 4 ideas for belts this Christmas, but don’t stop there, we also have a wide range of superb Belt Buckles. Have a look at the Belts-N-Things website now and win the Christmas present battle this year!


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