Plain Brown Oiled Bridle Leather Belt

Is handmade really better?

Hey folks!

We here at Belts N Things pride ourselves on the quality of our individually hand made leather belts so today, I thought I’d write a short blog commenting on this. Some people may wonder whether a handmade belt is really all that worth it, can it be that much different? Well the answer for me is of course, definitely yes!

I knew a guy who was obsessed with shopping on eBay and always seeking out the absolute best ‘bargain’. Now you see, a bargain for me is something that represents value, not just something that’s cheap. A bargain could be a high priced item, as long as that item represents value. His idea of a bargain was just the very lowest price. He bought all sorts of things, from electronics to jeans and everything in between. These all came very very cheap, but mostly from China, and not very good quality. The electronics would fail and break, the jeans wouldn’t fit well and rip easily. Of course, he also bought a belt. Just £4.99 for a belt, delivered, bargain!

But then, he bought another belt….

and another belt.

And….. you get the point.

Until, he bought a belt from me. The same belt he wears today, the same belt he could happily wear for the next 20 years if he really wants.

I am a belt maker and have been for many years, mastering my craft. Belts are a passion, and a belt made by someone by me is also checked and checked again, made to the highest standards. To paint you a metaphor, imagine you have a choice between two meals.

One is a lasagne.

The other is a lasagne.

Lasagne 1 is a Value microwave meal. It will cost you £1.99 and be ready in 3 minutes.

Lasagne 2 is being prepared by a top Italian chef. He has loving sourced the meat, and the vegetables and spent time perfecting his recipe and presentation and the final product is perfection on a plate. This meal will cost you £16.

Both lasagnes, only one winner.


So next time you’re looking for a ‘bargain’, consider that our belts are crafted to last, and come with a background of years of loving and precise belt making. If your belt lasts 20 years +, I’d say less than £1 a year is a pretty good bargain!

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