What's in a guitar strap?

What’s in a guitar strap?

As anyone that’s ever picked up a guitar will probably tell you, it’s 10% about the music and 90% about looking cool. Rockstars work hard on perfecting their look, which with a lot of stars, rarely changes over time. Everything is considered, the hair, the clothes, the accessories, even the stance or way they move.


Hopefully it’s a new hat, but Slash has kept the same look for decades. ACDC’s Angus Young has been so obsessed with keeping the same image over the years that he’s not even had a chance to change out of his school uniform!

Jokes aside, there’s often one bit of kit that’s a bit of an after thought. Something that every guitarist will need and rely on, the guitar strap!

I can’t think of many iconic guitar straps over the years; Iron Maiden Bassist, Steve Harris, has been known to incorporate a West Ham United scarf  but I can’t really think of anymore…. but why not? Guitarists can spend £1000s on the right guitar, why not make sure you’ve got a guitar strap that not only looks the business, but will also stand the test of time, after all, you don’t want to be embarrassed in the moment by a broken strap.


So here at Belts n Things, we came up with a solution – how to look good, and have your guitar secure. We used our belt making and leather crafting experience to come up with a line of fantastic guitar straps, which you can see here. Our guitar straps are made to order, so each one will be unique to you!


Belts n Things Leather Guitar Strap Belts n Things Leather Guitar Strap Belts n Things Leather Guitar Strap

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